Wolf Mountain Writing Collective | The Crew
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Cail Judy

Co-founder of the Wolf Mountain Writing Collective, Cail Judy finds joy in bringing wayward poems, sad bastard lyrics and weird stories into this world. He’s been thick as thieves with Dave Kenny since 2010 when they started this madcap journey and values all the folks who’ve contributed to Wolf Mountain along the way. He has published four books of poetry, including When We Were Young and Red Sparrows In the Telephone Box. He aspires to thunderheads, smoke and distant lightning on the page.

Dave Edward Kenny

Co-founder of the Wolf Mountain Writing Collective, David Edward Kenny has been there since that fateful ride with Cail Judy on the 99 B-Line. When not teaching his way around the world, David enjoys producing work in all literary mediums; from gutter-soaked poetry to Victorian prose, funk-backed short fiction to ink damaged and typewriter scarred letters. With no writing pedigree more proud than what he has picked up from his fellow Wolf Mountain members, David is doing his best to maintain the highest of low profiles.

Jessica Millikan

Jessica Millikan is inspired by her crew in the Wolf Mountain Writing Collective. The collaboration and support from like-minded people provides a space for infinite creative endeavours. Jessica has a passion for experience. The moments that make up a life are certainly worth recording, no matter how fleeting or insignificant. In this vein, Jessica spends her time pondering, writing, reading, teaching and making. Currently, Jessica teaches Art and Literacy to inner-city youth as Artist in Residence at various schools on Vancouver’s east side.

Travis Woloshyn

Travis Woloshyn began his creative endeavors as an actor, where he has worked on numerous international television shows and commercials. He continues to perform in local productions when projects find him. He became a member of Wolf Mountain after sharing the Education experience with others in the group. Since then he has written, edited, and performed works poetic, monologue-esque, musical, and other for the Collective and beyond. He remains their voice at events and debuted his first written and directed short film, SHADY CORNERS MAKE THIS PLACE HOME at Winter Comes to Wolf Mountain in late 2012. He plans on completing his follow up short by the end of this year.


He currently resides in Hastings Sunrise with his wife, cat, and new baby daughter.

Mika Laulainen

Mika Laulainen is the organizer of the Wolf Mountain Writing Club. She studied writing at the University of Victoria, under poets such as Steven Price, Tim Lilburn, Carla Funk, and playwright Joan Macleod. Mika writes plays, poetry and to-do lists. She is currently a commissioned writer for Theatre SKAM, where her play, Runaway, made its debut. Her day job is theatre. Mika loves snail mail. The ocean is her favourite accessory.